SoundDesk Virtual Devices - Add-On

To use the following functions, you will need the SoundDesk Virtual Devices Add-On installed (available here).

SoundDesk Virtual Cable

The SoundDesk Virtual Cable is just a pass-through device, capable of sending/receiving up to 32 audio channels.

We can use it to either send or receive audio directly to and from other applications.

Also See: Audio Setup.

SoundDesk Virtual Driver

The Virtual Driver, can be used in conjunction with SoundDesk to receive and route audio from other applications to SoundDesk channels.

From the Audio Setup window we can open the Virtual Driver Matrix, to route audio from applications to a set of channels in the driver. Then you can configure SoundDesk to receive it on any channel strip, by either using the All-in-One Device or the SoundDesk Virtual Driver as your Input Interface.

Also See: Audio Setup.

SoundDesk Virtual Driver Matrix

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