Latency and Automatic Delay Compensation

By default, SoundDesk is latency-free, meaning it does not add any latency regardless of how complex the desk gets. But plugins frequently do, and SoundDesk has to correct for that by adding delay at other stages of the desk, this guarantees that all audio at all stages within a desk is synchronised.

This penalty is greater if we use plugins (that have latency) at I/O buses or Aux receivers. The best way to guarantee minimum latency is to only use zero latency plugins.

Desk Latency Display

All SoundDesk channels have a latency display at the bottom, that by default displays the total delay in samples added by plugins in that channel. We can use them to select plugins with zero latency (almost all included cDSP inserts are zero latency).

Furthermore, audio devices also add their own latency, when using the All-in-One device, the one device with the most latency will set the latency for the All-in-One.

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