Channel Overview

When created, all channels will be stereo, yet the user can configure it to be mono or auxiliary receiver at any time (channel "Utilities" menu).

Desk Channel


The Utilities menu gives access to the channel properties setup: stereo/mono selector, aux receiver settings and channel colour.

It also includes a few other tools: a signal generator (white Noise, Sine Wave and Square Wave), a DC removal filter and a delay unit.


There are 8 available inserts for each channel.

Press the plugin name to open the insert window. To insert a new plugin click on the arrows next to the name and select one of the available options.

Drag-and-drop the insert box to move the insert to a new box, or drag-and-drop while pressing the alt key to copy.

Right click the insert box to see a list of options available.

Aux Send

The "Aux Send" menu gives access to the auxiliary send options. Aux Sends, can be either pre or post fader/pan (for A B pairs). When the channel is set to Stereo, the A B pair represent the Left and Right channels.

Also See: SoundDesk Aux Setup.

Latency Display

The Latency Display shows the total delay introduced by the channel processing (including Inserts).

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