Time and MIDI Clock

The Timekeeper window allows you to set the timing information for plugins. It also allows a MIDI Clock In or a generated MIDI Clock Out to be used for synchronization.

Tempo (BPM)

Defines the clock number of Beats Per Minute.

Beats Per Bar

Defines the clock number of Beats Per Bar.

Beat Unit

Defines the clock Beat Unit.


- 1/1 note.

- 1/2 note.

- 1/4 note.

- 1/8 note.

- 1/16 note.


Defines the clock time offset in milliseconds.

MIDI Clock Source

Defines a MIDI Clock Source.


- Internal (Default).

- Available MIDI Devices

MIDI Clock Out

Defines a MIDI Clock output device.


- None (Default).

- Available MIDI Devices

Clock Restart

Will set the internal clock to zero and if a MIDI Clock Out is configured send the appropriate messages to restart the clock.

This should be used every time the MIDI Clock Out device requires a resync.

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