File Types

SoundDesk Files

SoundDesk 4 saves desks in a single file with the extension sdsk.

Note: Old SoundDesk projects will be automatically converted to the new format.

Recording Desk Audio

The "New Recording" option records audio to files.

Desk New Recording

With the bottom left menu, Desk recordings can be configured to be:

- Master Input (Records the master section, pre processing).

- Master Output (Records the master section, post processing).

- Tracks Input (Records all tracks, pre channel processing).

- Tracks Output (Records all tracks, post channel processing).

Note: The recording file count and layouts (mono or stereo) will be determined by the above option.

Recordings can be started and paused at any time by pressing the grey/red circle found at the bottom of the window.

When we've finished recording, closing the window or performing a menu bar save/save as..., will display the export options dialog.

SoundDesk 4 exports to AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, CAF, Sound Designer II, NeXT/Sun and Sound Forge Audio Files (Linear PCM).

Note: Up to 8 simultaneous recording windows per Desk.

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