Master Section

Desk Master


There are 12 available inserts on the master section.

Press the plugin name to open the insert window. To insert a new plugin click on the arrows next to the name and select one of the available options.

Drag-and-drop the insert box to move the insert to a new box, or drag-and-drop while pressing the alt key to copy.

+Click to toggle the bypass option.

PFL Output Section

Configuration options for the dedicated PFL/Monitor output.

Uses automatic PFL switching between: a pre-fader copy of the master signal when no PFL toggles are enabled, and normal Pre-Fader-Listen behaviour when one or more PFL toggles are active.

Stereo Output

Sends a pre-fader copy of the master signal to a dedicated output.

Link Option

When On, the Link option associates the two master faders (left and right), so that we can control them as one (also applies to MIDI Desk controllers).

Mute Option

The master Mute option disables the master output post fader, meters and recording.

Tube Option

The Tube option adds analogue characteristics to your master channel summing (analogue tube like sound).

Desk and MIDI Options

Desk and MIDI Options

Opens the Desk and MIDI Options view.

Also See: MIDI and Desk Setup.

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