Automation Layer

Fluctus Automation

Selecting a Layer

Fluctus Layer List

Fluctus can automate the Master Balance and the Master Gain.

By selecting one of the above options, from the View -> Automation Layer menu, Fluctus will switch to its automation editor mode.

Create and Edit Points in a Layer

Fluctus Layer Point Create

When using the Default Tool, clicking within the Editor View will create or move a Point.

Fluctus Layer Point Select

When using the Select Tool, selected Points can be deleted.

Fluctus Layer Point Draw

When using the Draw Tool, Points are added in a drawing style.

Making a Layer Active

Ticking the Automate Master Balance Box or the Automate Master Gain Box on the Project Preferences, will make the layer active.

Hide Automation Layers

Fluctus Layers Hide

To return to the default editing environment, click the View -> Automation Layer menu Hide option.

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