Getting Started

Prepare your session!

As soon as you created/opened a Fluctus Project, you should open the Audio Preferences window (if not in your environment already) by navigating to [Preferences > Audio].

Start by setting the playback Sample Rate that you intend to use for importing/creating files (for example 44100 Hz for CD quality).

Now set the Output Interface to the device that you intend to use for playback, and confirm that the Main Out options are pointing to the Right, Left,... channels of your Interface.

Repeat the procedure for the Input Interface.

Note: To set the recording input channels see Tool Bar Input Section.

Import Files

Importing files is as easy as dragging and dropping any supported file format to the Editor View or Region Finder.

Or by navigating to [File > Import] on your menu bar.


To record just hit the Record button on your Tool Bar followed by the Play button when you are ready to start the recording.

If you hit Record and Fluctus is in Pause/Stop mode, you will ear the input signal without recording.

Note: To set the recording input type and channels see Tool Bar Input Section.


To export, drag the Export Markers to the beginning and end of the section you want to export to a new file.

Alternatively, you can use Markers to create a batch export (see Export).

Next open the Export window by navigating to [File > Export] on your menu bar, set the format and metadata for the new file or files and hit Export.

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