Plug Chain

Fluctus Plug Chain

The Plug Chain show/hide option can be found at the Project Preferences window or at the FX menu.

Selecting and Opening Plugins

Clicking the arrows at the Insert Box, will expand the plugin menu which lists the installed Audio Units and the included cDSP Tools.

Fluctus Plug List

Once a plugin is selected, the drop-down menu will close and its name will appear on the Insert Box.

Active Insert Boxes allows you to click over the Plugin name, which opens its window.

Then, just tweak the controls and repeat the procedure up to 32 Plugins per project.

Copy or Move

Fluctus Plug Chain Copy

Plugins can be moved between Insert Boxes by drag-and-drop, or copied by pressing the Option Key (Alt) while dragging them (or from the context menu as above).

Global Bypass

Fluctus Plug Chain Bypass

The Plug Chain inserts can be globally bypassed by ticking the box above.

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