Sonic Atom is a multi-instrument, audio visualization software.

You can use Sonic Atom to comply with industry standards, to monitor, visualize and analyse all essential aspects of your audio signal.

Sonic Atom includes a variety of realtime metering solutions, that take advantage of our cDSP Engine.


• Spectrograph

• Spectrogram

• Goniometer

• Phase Correlation

• Level Meter + History

• Loudness Meter + History

• LEQ Meter + History

• Level Range

• Loudness Range

• Programme / Integrated Loudness + History

• Peak and True-Peak Meter + History

• Multi-Channel Display Level Meter

• Oscilloscope

• Tuner + History

System Requirements

Mac Intel machine running OS X 10.13 or later.

At least 4GB of memory.

100MB of available disk space.

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