GUI Elements


Sonic Atom Slider Sonic Atom Slider

All Sliders can be sent to the default value by +Clicking the element.

Number Boxes

Sonic Atom Number Box

When the focus is active, we can type any value to number boxes.

Alternatively, we can drag the number (up/down or right/left) to increase/decrease the value.

Note: the number box is sensitive to the number that we grab within the box, increasing/decreasing at the respective scale.

Channel Matrix Menu

Sonic Atom Channel Matrix

All meters have a channel matrix button that loads a menu of available channels.

By selecting/unselecting a channel name, we tell the meter whether it should use that channel in its calculations.

Window Link Option (Headless v2 Windows Only)

Sonic Atom Window Link Option

When active, windows will behave as one for moving and focus actions.

Also see: General Preferences

Color Scale Options

Sonic Atom Color Scale Option

When present, the user can click it to open the colour options for the meter.

Sonic Atom Color Scale Example

Color options will depend on the meter but the user can always change the transition values and the actual colour by clicking within the colour circle.

When not active, the default solid colour will be used to draw the graph.

Export Menu

Sonic Atom Export Menu

Right-click on any of the meters graphs will display a list of available export options.

Note: Images will export as PNG files and Data will export as CSV tables. The copy option will copy the image to the clipboard.

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