Quick Access ToolBar

LoudLAB Quick Access ToolBar

The Quick Access ToolBar is a customisable menu that offers access to some of the most basic operations.

To customise, ctrl+click on the ToolBar and drag-and-drop the items around.


LoudLAB Save Tool

Press to save your project.


LoudLAB Import Tool

Press to Import a new audio file.


LoudLAB Export Tool

Press to open the Export menu.


LoudLAB Info Tool

Press to open the audio Info window.

Editor Layer

LoudLAB Editor Layer Tool

Menu to switch between waveform and amplitude layer.

View Menu

LoudLAB View Menu Tool

Menu to control the project views.

Controls the waveform size and the ToolBox display status.


LoudLAB Settings Tool

Press to open the Project Properties window.

Zoom Out

LoudLAB Zoom Out Tool

Press to Zoom Out the waveform view.

Zoom In

LoudLAB Zoom In Tool

Press to Zoom In the waveform view.

Playback Speed

LoudLAB Playback Speed Tool

Press to open the Playback Speed window.

Peak Control

LoudLAB Peak Control Tool

Press to open the Peak Control window.


LoudLAB FFT Tool

Press to open the Spectrograph window.


LoudLAB Recording Tool

Press to open the Recording to File window.

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