Edit Tools


Copy to LoudLAB clipboard and erase the samples selected on "Editor View".


Copy to LoudLAB clipboard the samples selected on "Editor View".

Paste - Preserve Time

Paste from LoudLAB clipboard, but preserve time by overwriting data.

Paste - Preserve Data

Paste from LoudLAB clipboard, but preserve data by overwriting time.


Send to zero all selected samples on "Editor View".


Remove the selected samples from the "Editor View" and glue the boundaries (time not preserved).

Trim to Selection

Delete samples outside selection (time not preserved).

Reverse Selection

Invert sample order within selection.

Invert Selection Phase

Invert Phase on selected samples.

Add Samples to Selection

Add n samples (in samples, milliseconds or seconds) at the selection start.

On completion the amplitude layer will add the same number of samples at -inf dBFS.

MS Encode

If two channels, encode Left/Right to Mid/Side.

MS Decode

If two channels, decode Mid/Side to Left/Right.

Flip Channels

If two channels, flip channels.

Fade Editor

LoudLAB Fade Editor

The Fade Editor tool applies predefined functions, like fade-in, fade-out, audio pass or audio mute, to the Amplitude Layer of the "Editor View".

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