cDSP DeNoiser

The DeNoiser reduces stationary noise like microphone hum, power buzz, tape hiss and other noises that do not change in spectral shape or amplitude.

cDSP DeNoiser

Learn your Noise spectrum and apply the DeNoiser.

The first step is to Learn the noise spectrum, by finding the longest section of noise and playing it back with the Learn option active.

To stop learning, turn off the Learn toggle.

This will teach the DeNoiser what the noise profile is and at what threshold the DeNoiser shall start reducing it.

Then we can start reducing the gain and smooth our noise profile to find the best result.

Note: regardless of the "recommended" threshold, we may need to further adjust it to an optimal value.


Threshold in dB to start reducing noise.

Also see GUI.

Gain Reduction

Sets the amount in dB of Gain Reduction.

Note: -96dB it's not always the most effective value, we advise starting with -10dB and working from there.

Also see GUI.


Sets if the learn/capture is active.


Sets the curve (peaks and valleys) smoothing, full left means no smoothing.

Also see GUI.

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