cDSP Linear-Phase EQ

The 10-band Parametric Linear-Phase Equalizer allows adjusting the balance between frequency components within the signal with precision.

Normally used for mastering, a Linear-Phase EQ can be a very powerful and useful tool.

cDSP Parametric Linear-Phase EQ


Sets if the band is active or inactive.


Sets the band Curve type.

Curve Types:

High-Pass, Low-Pass, High-Shelf, Low-Shelf and Bell.


Sets the band Gain in dB - from 18 to -18.

Also see GUI.


Sets the band Q value - from 0.3 to 100 for all Curve types.

Also see GUI.


Sets the band Frequency in Hz - from 30 to 22000 for all Curve types.

Also see GUI.


The gain and frequency can also be set by moving the colour-coded dots within the graph.

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