cDSP Compressor

The compressor reduces the dynamic range of an audio signal.

cDSP Compressor


Sets the compression ratio in dB - between 1.1:1 and 50.0:1.

Note: compression ratios work so that a ratio of 2.0:1 indicates that a signal exceeding the threshold by 8 dB will be attenuated down to 4 dB above the threshold.

Also see GUI.


Sets the compression threshold in full-scale dB - between -70 and 0 dBFS.

Also see GUI.


Sets the compression attack time in milliseconds - between 0.01 and 1000 ms.

Attack - the time it takes for the signal to become fully compressed after exceeding the threshold level.

Also see GUI.


Sets the compression release time in milliseconds - between 1 and 10000 ms.

Release - the time it takes for the signal to go back to the original state.

Also see GUI.

Soft Knee

Sets the compression soft knee on/off state.

Analog Detector

Sets the compressor detection type - Analog or Digital.

The Analog detection option tends to be softer than the Digital one.


Sets the compressor makeup gain - between -40 and 40 dB.

Also see GUI.

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