LoudLAB 3

LoudLAB App

Tech Specs


Audio file and I/O resolution up to 32Bit/192kHz

Buffer sizes from 32 to 2048 samples

LoudLAB 64-Bit Audio Resampler

Core-Audio Resampler

Internal FX

8 Band Parametric EQ (Real-time)

Multiband(3) Linear-Phase Compressor/Expander (Real-time)

Loudness Leveller (Real-time)

Limiter/Maximizer (Real-time)

MS Encoder/Decoder (Offline)

DeNoiser (Offline) *

Linear-Phase EQ Match (Offline) *

8 Band Parametric Equalizer (Offline) *

Compressor / Expander / Gate (Offline) *

DeEsser (Offline) *

Pitch Shifter (Offline) *

Loudness/Peak Analysis & Normalization (Offline)

DeClipper (Offline)

* with real-time preview


I/O Loudness Distribution

Momentary Loudness

Short-Term Loudness

Integrated (a.k.a Programme) Loudness

Loudness Range (LRA)

True-Peaks (a.k.a Inter Sample peaks)


RMS + PPM meters

Peak Distribution



Open LoudLAB 3 Projects

Open LoudLAB 3 Presets

Supports Core Audio Compliant Audio Hardware

Import AIFF, WAV, CAF, SDII, NeXT/Sun, FLAC, ALAC, MP3, AAC, MP4, M4A, M4B, M4R and MOV files.

Export AIFF, WAV, CAF, SDII, NeXT/Sun, FLAC, M4A (ALAC/Apple Lossless), M4A (AAC) and MP4 (AAC) files.

System Requirements

• Mac Intel running OS X 10.9.5 or later

• 64-bit processor

• At least 4GB of memory

• 100MB of available disk space

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