What about File Formats?

SoundDesk Project Format

For conveniency, SoundDesk stores our work in a file format that bundles all desk settings and presets on a single file.

Therefore, before we can run SoundDesk we need to create a project where our work will be saved.

At startup, the welcome screen will always display options for Opening a Project from disk or Create a New one, we can also drag-and-drop a project to the welcome screen area to open a SoundDesk file.

Recording Audio Files to Disk

The "New Master Recording" option records audio directly to a file from the desk master output.

When we've finished recording, the export option will be presented.

SoundDesk 3 exports AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, CAF, Sound Designer II, NeXT/Sun, MPEG-4, ALAC and AAC.

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