Key Features

• Editing and Recording via rectangular blocks called Regions

• Easy to use Marker System

• 3rd Party Audio Unit Plugins Support (Real-Time)

• Integrated Processing and Metering Tools (Real-Time)

• Master Automation Layer

• 64-Bit Audio Processing

• Easy Project Navigation

• Changeable Interface Color Schemes

Audio Regions

All Editing and Recording is done via rearrangeable rectangular blocks called Regions.

Regions represent Audio Files imported or recorded and you can have as many audio regions as you need in a single project.

• Fully Editable (including Lock, Split, Resize, Reverse and much more)

• Drawable Waveform (sample by sample editing)

• Full Control with per Region Inspectors

• Individual Fade-in & out (4 optional shapes)

• Individual Mute, Phase Reverse, Panning and Gain Controls

Two Versions

To make it right for everyone, Fluctus ships in two versions, Fluctus and Fluctus Expert.

Fluctus Expert Advantages

• Region Spectrogram (linear/log scale & mono/polychromatic colouring)

• Waveform Export as SVG

• Spectrogram Export as PNG

• Extra Export Options

• 19 cDSP Tools included

Integrated and External Tools

Fluctus includes Real-Time processing and metering solutions, that take advantage of the cDSP Engine. Furthermore, you can use external Plugins (Audio Units) from any vendor.

Integrated Tools

• Compressor

• Graphic EQ

• DC Blocker

• Mid-Side Encoder/Decoder

• Distortion

• RMS and Peak Meter

• Parametric EQ ★

• Parametric Linear-Phase EQ ★

• Linear-Phase Match EQ ★

• DeNoiser ★

• Pitch Shifter ★

• DeEsser ★

• Expander ★

• Gate ★

• Leveler ★

• Maximizer / Limiter ★

• Spectrograph ★

• Loudness and True-Peak Meter ★

• Goniometer ★

★ Fluctus Expert Only

System Requirements

Mac Intel machine running OS X 10.10.5 or later.

At least 4GB of memory.

100MB of available disk space.

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